Letter C

Day 11

  • Listen to the Alphabet Song.
  • Learn about the letter C.
  • Look at the letter C.
  • Use page 8 in the workbook and color in the cat. Talk about how she opens her mouth wide and says “c, c, c” as she hacks up a hair ball    Don’t worry about the “s” sound that c sometimes makes. That will come later.
  • Listen to a story about Cathy the Cat. (videos Caleb the Cat / Cathy the Cat)

Day 12

  • Listen to the Alphabet Song. Sing along if you can! And Learn about the Letter C.
  • Use page 9 in your workbookHave your child trace the letters with a finger. Afterwards have them color in the bubble letters.
  • Don’t forget to talk about Cathy the Cat that says, “C.” Point out that her name starts with C.
  • If your child has a hard time pronouncing C, have him place a finger on his tongue to hold it down to practice.

Day 13*

Day 14*

Day 15

  • Learn about the letter C.
  • Listen to a story about Cathy the Cat. (videos Caleb the Cat / Cathy the Cat)
  • Act out April the Alligator saying “aaaa” and Betty the Bee saying “b, b, b” and Cathy the Cat saying “c, c, c.”
  • Read some books together and hunt in your books for the letter C and things that start with an “c” sound, as in cat.
  • If your child is asking, there are lots of coloring pages he can do.
  • Can you do this cow puzzle?

Day 16

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